Gang stalking: bariatric style

On 5/21/14, as I was going to sit in public property and hold a sign up about my blog & all, I found a guy smoking in a church parking lot on the way to the doctors’ office. I verified he shouldn’t be there.

Then, I have the security guard who is photographing me. Now you have to ask why they’re doing that? Outside of me stating to the risk managers’ that the doctors’ office was doing that from inside the office to outside on public property of former patients. All I’m doing is either sitting or standing with a sign. All legal by the cops, first amendment rights.

I noticed a couple of people sitting in front of the doctors’ office. Another lady drove in to the parking lot and greeted them and they talked until I packed up to leave. Then they started to. I stopped and fooled around and knew they were going to tail me so I waited around.

Next I know a guy on a bike is trailing me. I called the cops.

Ever heard of gang stalking?

What does this say about your bariatric surgeon if they do this? Research, research, research! Is this the type of person that you think will help you on a lifelong journey? Stick with you? If you have a not positive experience and you are honest about the facts, are you going to want to be stalked for asserting your first amendment rights?

Here is just one states’ listing of the definition of stalking using the following reference: Va. state stalking laws

Va. Code Ann. § 18.2-60.3. Stalking; penalty (2013)

A. Any person, except a law-enforcement officer, as defined in § 9.1-101, and acting in the performance of his official duties, and a registered private investigator, as defined in § 9.1-138, who is regulated in accordance with § 9.1-139 and acting in the course of his legitimate business, who on more than one occasion engages in conduct directed at another person with the intent to place, or when he knows or reasonably should know that the conduct places that other person in reasonable fear of death, criminal sexual assault, or bodily injury to that other person or to that other person’s family or household member is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

B. Any person who is convicted of a second offense of subsection A occurring within five years of a prior conviction of such an offense when the person was also convicted within the five-year period prior to the instant offense of a violation of (i) § 18.2-51, 18.2-51.2, 18.2-51.6, 18.2-52, or 18.2-57 and the victim of that crime was the same person who is the victim of the stalking activity in the instant conviction, (ii) § 18.2-57.2, or (iii) a protective order, is guilty of a Class 6 felony.

C. Any person convicted of a third or subsequent conviction of subsection A occurring
within five years of a conviction for an offense under this section or for a similar
offense under the law of any other jurisdiction is guilty of a Class 6 felony.

D. A person may be convicted under this section irrespective of the jurisdiction or
jurisdictions within the Commonwealth wherein the conduct described in subsection A
occurred, if the person engaged in that conduct on at least one occasion in the
jurisdiction where the person is tried. Evidence of any such conduct that occurred outside the Commonwealth may be admissible, if relevant, in any prosecution under this section provided that the prosecution is based upon conduct occurring within the Commonwealth.

E. Upon finding a person guilty under this section, the court shall, in addition to the sentence imposed, issue an order prohibiting contact between the defendant and the victim or the victim’s family or household member.

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Harrassment: Bariatric Style – The Emails


The items from several weeks to almost a month ago, in written communication, have not been addressed, in regards to putting items in my records. By HIPAA law, there is no time restriction.

I’ll pass on that your security guard photographs & logs me for asserting my constitutional rights to free speech, including the office watching me. The multiple times the police have gone out, they have never seen me do anything other than behave with dignity and respect. That includes how I treated a nurse politely with inappropriate questions & the bariatric surgeon following me on public property.

I have made it clear that I have no interest in money, being photographed, or lawyers, but in getting appropriate health care. Care that the bariatric surgeon appears to have been incorrect in saying I didn’t need, or that my other doctors have indicated I couldn’t use. All because I don’t want to see someone else also hounded and suffer for saying they are a human being who is worthy of respect and to assert their rights under the law and published policies.

((I also mentioned that more than a year ago, I had suggested to the office in an email, that they needed to educate other healthcare personnel in bariatric after care)).


I politely answered the nurse when they went at distance length from the bariatric group staff door to initiate questions about what I was doing/intent/etc. on public property (not considering that I stated I was not a patient any longer, so why I was being asked such questions on public property raises motive questions) & was followed onto public property multiple times by the bariatric surgeon in another instance. I received a letter that contains incorrect facts, from my records, among other things. Most sad, considering I was extremely impressed by another one of your physicians I met.

I do not have the information requested below regarding another source for the HIPAA privacy people, as they have not responded to my photography related request. Prior history shows a difference between published practices & practices per se. What practices can we expect from the Privacy people is what I am looking for from another source. The same can be said for you, especially as to why you need lawyers when I bring legitimate concerns, with no lawyer in tow, that have never been completely addressed, & you have been given multiple opportunities to do so.

Please see second paragraph below, they stated nothing could be done for me. If regular doctors can’t deal with/recognize it, an ER doctor would not either. None of the Nutrition Journals use bloodwork as main indicators since 2011 for malnutrition, nor did you when you {a person who isn’t a doctor and never examined me} made your medical assessment that I did not have malnutrition in 2013, compared to a physician I had a history with and medical research to support the assessment. Do you have further information on who has experience dealing with a complication of bariatric surgery since the bariatric surgeon appears to not have, & non compete and “buddy” agreements don’t allow for care in the area from bariatric healthcare personnel? Or who doesn’t drop care when payments can’t be made, which is why a patient couldn’t make an office appointment, contrary to stated your policy?

Because our bodies are very good at compensating during tough times, doctors have observed that blood tests and external measures of illness are inadequate: there are very few indications a body is about to go into crisis until the damage has already been done. Too many families find out only after a life-threatening or fatal episode how close a loved one was to death. In PCM, however, the lymphatic system can’t keep up with the leakage, and the stomach area begins to bloat with its own waste fluids.

Starvation can cause (amongst other things) low blood pressure and poor circulation; osteoporosis leading to possible fractures, deformities, and pain; anaemia; stomach shrinkage, leading to uncomfortable stretching and feelings of fullness when more than a small amount is eaten; increased blood cholesterol levels due to lack of oestrogen; nerve and muscle damage; low glucose levels, which may lead to coma; kidney failure; and death through heart failure.

Thank you,


> I’ve started getting a higher temperature, burning up at times, legs cramping & chest pains, a lot of problems eating and tonight, couldn’t eat without pain. My skin is breaking apart, my MPV and platelets are high for me, indicating thrombosis. I’ve not been able to take medications since November because when the albumin is low, drugs have nothing to bind to and are free in the plasma, amplifying the effects.
> Some of my bloodwork is high/low for me, meaning the effects of malnutrition are starting to show in the bloodwork because I can no longer compensate for illnesses that weren’t diagnosed & my care disrupted.
> Find me someone else who can answer the questions since I’ve been told there is nothing they can do for me. I’ll won’t make it through this because of the bariatric surgeon without any care in the area. They said that ‘if you don’t do as I say, I’ll put it in your record, and other doctors will see it, and wonder why’. They wanted to damage my relationships with other doctors. They succeeded. As an office worker said ‘YOU’VE lost a huge chunk of your care.” There were right. I will pay the price for that, although I even asked that the administration do nothing negative to the surgeon, and I’ve seen that the suggestions I made regarding the practice were implemented.

Privacy officers – acting in who’s interests?

Notes from the one phone conversation with the privacy group where my bariatric surgeon is located:

He called my work number. He said he was working w/a fellow employee on HIPAA violation, 5/31/13. I called back, w/leaving msg for him approx 1230 pm. He called back, phone messed up, I called him back about 115 pm.

He said he doesn’t want to go into it. No results of investigation could be given. Requested time line of what I submitted, as he said they didn’t give the results out. He said he was hesitant to do it, they didn’t do it, because of all the back and forth that has gone on between the doctors, etc. They had closed the case. The apparent indication was that they weren’t going to do anything because of the “back and forth”, even if it was verifying & stating when I called. “Too much energy had already been put into it”.

Its nice to know that you can get verification that a group TRUELY looked into your assertions when you can get NO information on what they did, what they asked, how they did it?

NO TRANSPARENCY. Always remember that.

ASMBS: confidentiality agreements – no right to your health info?

When I asked the question (in a nutshell) whether the ASMBS was for the patient or the doctor I received the following response. If you can’t find out information, and you would be in this program if you have a center of excellent with the ASMBS, where and WHAT of your data, your private information, is going out?

——– Original Message ——–
RE: Response – Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program
Mon, 17 Jun 2013 14:26:43 +0000

Dear Patient
I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.  Any participant in the Improvement Program must meet standards to achieve accreditation.  The standards are included in our web site.  Beyond what’s available on our web site, the majority of participants in our programs are covered by confidentiality provisions in our agreements with them.  As such, we cannot provide further information.

Gastroenterologists: are they helpful?

On July 20, 2013, I sent a letter to the main GI group I had trying to get into. Now supposedly this is where all the “problems” go to. However I was refused an appointment. If you ask, you may look online regarding an issue called “blacklisting”. I am not sure but it sure sounds like that I can see another doctor within 1 practice, but can’t transfer to this practice, that has more skill & familiarity with bariatric patients.

Makes you wonder why a practice can’t do that unless they know I can pick up things and investigate them to see if they “know their stuff”. This is why you should never settle for anything but the best care. At the same time, be on the lookout for patterns associated with blacklisting. This can occur, for one reason, that a doctor caused you injury and no one else will care for you since they might have to admit the doctor injured you.

On the advice of another doctor, I called the office in Jan. 2013 for an appt. I was looking to get a second opinion from another GI. I was given an appt. in March. I was told that I had an IBS diagnosis. I went back to the original GI and he stated to me he didn’t give me that diagnosis. I told them what your office stated. I had your office tell me it was a second visit/consultation and therefore would be put further out. I stated that I was trying to get care and it would be at least another month after that to see the doctor for one visit, that the original doctor told me I didn’t have. I had been having problems and was attempting to get them solved.

I then finally started getting with the office management. I was then told that since I was with my current GI, another branch of the same company, I was refused to be seen.

I then called you up in June/July timeframe and stated that I talked to my GI’s office manager and was able to see another doctor in their practice. You were unable to explain the reason why I couldn’t get a second office visit (as that is all I’m looking for) for your group, when I can see someone in the same practice.

I understand that you read to me that you have a record of what you are tell me, declining to see me. As no doctor has ever spoken with me, and obviously one can transfer within the single groups, are you basing your refusal on another doctors’ recommendations?

Also, what physicians choose this and what did they base it on? I am aware that the physician I asked for is recommended and has worked with another doctor I know.

I look forward to your answer within 10 days of the date of this letter.

Thank you,

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