Intimidation – Bariatric Style

So I believe in letting others know how the surgeon has acted towards me. I’ll document my previous encounters so people can see why you need to investigate your bariatric surgeon (or any doctor). If they treat someone else like this, how are they going to treat you? I know of someone the group performed surgery on and didn’t give any followups AT ALL. The patient called them requesting one and then it was over TWO MONTHS since the surgery before they got a followup.

Is that the sort of treatment you want?

I am protesting the bariatric surgeons’ treatment of me, which I believe did not follow the law (HIPAA violation retaliation, see resources below) and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons’ & others’ guidelines on bariatric surgery aftercare (they are a Center of Excellence, I reported to them in 2012 there was no other care in the area) with multiple supporting resources below.

I go out and on public sidewalks, hold up a sign or talk (not screaming, cursing or giving people the bird) and sometimes tell people to ask questions, read & educate themselves. The funny part is that the center will watch me, but doesn’t help their prospective customers. On at least 3 occasions, I’ve had to tell people they were going in the wrong door. NONE of the staff were watching them. Even if I moved to be out of site of the door, the doctors would scrunch into the wall to see me.

But I’ve had to tell people who couldn’t get in the building what door they needed to go into.

In the past, I had the cops called on me twice and of course, acting in a manner consistent with the law and common decency, they’re not going to do anything. It is my constitutional right to disagree. So after getting followed by my former surgeon several times, I spoke with the cops and they said the next time I come out, to let them know. They would speak with my former surgeon. They did. They told him she has a right to protest, and to be on public property with a sign that isn’t nasty and not yelling profanities. They said “leave her alone” and “ignore her”. They haven’t.

Could that be because they don’t want people to know what they have done?

The next time, the same thing happened. The cops came out, spoke with me, and then spoke with them, saying basically the same thing. The time after that, I am sure I saw one of the nurses take a photo of me from inside the office. I sent a note to the risk manager & privacy officer saying I wanted it in my records to not be photographed and if that happened, why. So far, those questions haven’t been answered. The emails are below.

On May 7, 2014, I go out to do the same thing, except I brought a chair to sit because I’m weaker from malnutrition & complications the surgeon appears to have missed (seems a couple others caught it while I was with him). I hold my sign up. However, not only is the other surgeon watching me, but they now have a security guard out across the street with other buildings, taking photographs of me and writing down notes on me. I hold my sign up in front of my face & my hands/arms in front of my face, indicating I did not wish to have my photo taken.

Stay tuned: again there are DECENT, ETHICAL surgeons out there that work with you. I’m pointing out the need to really investigate your surgeon. Get the surgery! I can’t say that enough but the addition is INVESTIGATE THE SURGEON AND THE OFFICE PRACTICES THOROUGHLY.

HIPAA violation retaliation is illegal
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

After care follow ups – I didn’t get an 18 month visit, since I was dropped after 16 months (although the surgeon could justify seeing me every 3 months or less after my Dec 2011 surgery, and had a June 2013 appt. scheduled when I left the 16 month visit followup). Yearly follow ups are always recommended in every center you see. Now if you can drop a patient, and you do, one with complications, what does that say about the surgeon?

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4
Source 5
Source 6
Source 7
Source 8
Source 9
Source 10
Source 11
Source 12


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