Why investigate your doctor?

If you are wondering why I preach to investigate your doctor, here’s why. Make sure to educate yourself and get the best out of it you can for you!

There are a LOT of great doctors around. Don’t you want to patronize the ones who are here for you? I take the time to email, mail, or phone call the ADMINS of my good docs and let them know. Be specific in what they do to help you. Let the docs know too. I made baked goods and got cards for my doctors on Doctors Day and Nurses week also. Don’t forget the nurses!

10News – Team 10 finds some dentists hurt patients, yet keep licenses –
Anatomy of a Tragedy
Deficiencies of the Texas Medical Board
Doctors Refusing to Treat Lawyers (Is The White Coat of Silence Intensifying)
East Bay doctor disciplined in face-lift fiasco
Ex-doctor William Valuck charged with nine counts of murder
How to be an Authentic Doctor#15 Professional Courtesy
How To Dump A Doctor e-Patients.net
How to Get Rid of a Disruptive Physician
How to Get the Right Diagnosis Why Doctors Goof – US News
Is your doctor addicted
Missing doctor found negligent in malpractice case
Murder in Your Hospital
Not Running a Hospital Hospital rankings I wasn’t cynical enough.
Off the Record Legislators try to put doctor discipline behind the curtain Reporting on Health
Off the Record When reeducation for physicians isn’t good enough Reporting on Health
Patient Safety’s First Scandal The Sad Case of Chuck Denham, CareFusion, and the NQF
Physician burnout Don’t blame the patient
Physician Communication with Hospitalized Patients Key Physicians Practice
reading  Death Rate Drops During Doctor Strike
Secrecy protects doctors with long histories of problems – KansasCity.com
The Devil’s Priests by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.
The Doctor Weighs InShaking the hubris of the profession
The Texas Board of Medical Examiners – A Broken Promise for Texas Health & Safety Jeff’s Blog
Top 5 Reasons Why Internists Are Sued
Whistleblower Terminated from Northwestern for Revealing Human Experiments and Fraudulent Inducement – CNN iReport
Why ‘Cherry-Picking’ Patients Is Gaining Ground Tougher to Dismiss Existing Patients
Year later, meaning of Santillán case still debated The Chronicle
‘I’m your doctor and I’m here to kill you’


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