Bariatric surgeon says get help from an internet forum

Now how many times have we been told to seek help from our surgeons and not forums? This isn’t the only time I was told to check out other sources.

On top of that, do you think that treating some patients one way and others a different way, for the same issues is appropriate? Does it mean that you have to make your surgeon like you to get care? If so, what kind of care do you really think they provide?

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Subject: Further questions
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 08:52:51 -0400

One of the questions I had for admin that was not answered was what specifics can they point out in the allegations made against me in the reasons for dropping my care (with proven problems) when they’ve had someone get pregnant against the time recommendations, the person stated they were “afraid” to tell the surgeon, but the whole office was delighted for them. Also, since patients do regain weight after the surgery, and it is due to overeating, whether or not they’ve treated those patients. Without a medical reason, in medical research, the reason is due to “bypassing” the bypass or overeating. This is basically not following the directions of the center in eating, drinking, and exercising.

I would also note, I was never on a timeline that is published by the center for follow ups. If there weren’t problems, why was I scheduled with appointment followups for my bariatric surgeon? I would note that some of my problems have been written up in the medical literature as known issues after bariatric surgery. This is something a bariatric surgeon would know, not a PCP nor an gastroenterologist, as the literature is not gastroenterology based but bariatric surgery based.

I have also never received a timeline of that I had a followup appt. in June with bariatric surgeon, from the April appt. and then when I discussed a HIPAA privacy violation, after that I was dropped from care. I believe I have the reason why the group will not provide that timeline.

As a followup, I have been told that another surgeon is more of a general surgeon. This was why I was not able to have them do my bariatric surgery. I was then refused by his office to go to them for the gallbladder surgery, although his office was the one I contacted first. The bariatric surgeries appear to go to a couple of doctors, mine included. Is that correct? What are the percentages of surgeries, bariatric vs. general that the doctors listed in the practice do? How many codes was my insurance billed under that went for bariatric care vs. general surgical care? It seems the group says you have to go to this doctor for this issue, but when they want to restrict care in practice, they’ll restrict it from all the doctors. All my care was listed under bariatric care for bariatric surgeon.

While it is listed in my records that bariatric surgeon would help my PCP and gastroenterologist, I can find no record of them discussing any care with them. Is that correct? The only one I could find out was the yes I do/no I didn’t discrepancies with a former plastic surgeon.

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Subject: Couple others
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 10:39:06 -0400

There are the questions that were also never answered in terms of care:

I had a person who had their surgery also done with bariatric surgeon. They were given a gallbladder operation but I was refused it. I went to 2 different opinions who immediately diagnosed gallbladder disease, suggested surgery. I had my insurance call and inquire about it not being done in my case. The insurance told me that they were supportive of me. When I saw bariatric surgeon at that next appt. they said they wasn’t trying to dump me but if I didn’t like the care then go elsewhere, and other items along that line.

What I did not tell them was that I had already tried to because of the differences in care I found between what others got and what I had, where I could read medical literature and not see reasons for those discrepancies. Also that I had contacted another doctors office and they said they wouldn’t overrule bariatric surgeon because they was in the same group, I was their established patient. The other groups wouldn’t do it due to non compete agreements and the “buddy system”.

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Subject: Suggestion
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 15:22:53 -0400

On 5/8/13, I questioned bariatric surgeon about sources for help because the other centers can’t take me, and they suggested So that is the group’s recommendation from the surgeon, that I seek help from an internet forum?

Please verify that with me. I know I made it clear to the office, in writing, that the former dietician you had on staff couldn’t help me and ended up asking on the support group. I had asked a supplimentation question back a few months ago to your bariatric nurse and was told to ask my PCP. If this is true, why are we required to follow up with the office, if all that is done is bloodwork once a year (or 18 months and 24 months mark)?

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