Gastroenterologists: are they helpful?

On July 20, 2013, I sent a letter to the main GI group I had trying to get into. Now supposedly this is where all the “problems” go to. However I was refused an appointment. If you ask, you may look online regarding an issue called “blacklisting”. I am not sure but it sure sounds like that I can see another doctor within 1 practice, but can’t transfer to this practice, that has more skill & familiarity with bariatric patients.

Makes you wonder why a practice can’t do that unless they know I can pick up things and investigate them to see if they “know their stuff”. This is why you should never settle for anything but the best care. At the same time, be on the lookout for patterns associated with blacklisting. This can occur, for one reason, that a doctor caused you injury and no one else will care for you since they might have to admit the doctor injured you.

On the advice of another doctor, I called the office in Jan. 2013 for an appt. I was looking to get a second opinion from another GI. I was given an appt. in March. I was told that I had an IBS diagnosis. I went back to the original GI and he stated to me he didn’t give me that diagnosis. I told them what your office stated. I had your office tell me it was a second visit/consultation and therefore would be put further out. I stated that I was trying to get care and it would be at least another month after that to see the doctor for one visit, that the original doctor told me I didn’t have. I had been having problems and was attempting to get them solved.

I then finally started getting with the office management. I was then told that since I was with my current GI, another branch of the same company, I was refused to be seen.

I then called you up in June/July timeframe and stated that I talked to my GI’s office manager and was able to see another doctor in their practice. You were unable to explain the reason why I couldn’t get a second office visit (as that is all I’m looking for) for your group, when I can see someone in the same practice.

I understand that you read to me that you have a record of what you are tell me, declining to see me. As no doctor has ever spoken with me, and obviously one can transfer within the single groups, are you basing your refusal on another doctors’ recommendations?

Also, what physicians choose this and what did they base it on? I am aware that the physician I asked for is recommended and has worked with another doctor I know.

I look forward to your answer within 10 days of the date of this letter.

Thank you,


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