Privacy officers – acting in who’s interests?

Notes from the one phone conversation with the privacy group where my bariatric surgeon is located:

He called my work number. He said he was working w/a fellow employee on HIPAA violation, 5/31/13. I called back, w/leaving msg for him approx 1230 pm. He called back, phone messed up, I called him back about 115 pm.

He said he doesn’t want to go into it. No results of investigation could be given. Requested time line of what I submitted, as he said they didn’t give the results out. He said he was hesitant to do it, they didn’t do it, because of all the back and forth that has gone on between the doctors, etc. They had closed the case. The apparent indication was that they weren’t going to do anything because of the “back and forth”, even if it was verifying & stating when I called. “Too much energy had already been put into it”.

Its nice to know that you can get verification that a group TRUELY looked into your assertions when you can get NO information on what they did, what they asked, how they did it?

NO TRANSPARENCY. Always remember that.


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