Record discrepancies pt 1

Here are just some of the confusing and odd medical discrepancies I had with my bariatric surgeon. I have had to make less corrections to most other doctors’ records, but remember once you get these things messed up, trying to get them corrected is near impossible. It also makes confusing records that much harder to try and get and coordinate care with others. When other doctors see records, they’re going to think the doctor is right, but if they can’t figure them out, you pays for that?


——– Original Message ——–
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 22:57:05 -0400

2/7/13 note: Email sent to bariatric coordinator stated reason for visit was to discuss whether or not I had messed up the sleeve gastrectomy. Celiac disease questions were directed at GI, however, he wouldn’t test at that time.

2/15/13 note: Note doesn’t include statements regarding the months of pain I endured due to misdiagnosis of gallbladder disease. I alluded to treatments prescribed without being given information about all options available, costs & benefits weren’t discussed. Due to those considerations, such decisions made without my input were stumbling blocks to compliance. No specific statements listed so that we can know whether the lab results were good/bad, or what actions I was to take in response to them.

3/27/13 note: GI indicated eating softer foods, less fiber, etc that conflicted with the foods/drinks recommended by the bariatric group. Allergist stated cutting out several food groups recommended by bariatric office. Compliance is next to impossible under these circumstances, and when the subject was brought up, was “blown off”.

4/8/13 note: Have medical documentation supporting that BMI is not a good indicator of health in athletes, nor is it accurate for us. Excess skin from weight loss, edema, bloating/gas from intestinal issues would skew weight results.

4/10/13 note: 5 months ago figure incorrect. Hospitalized for malnutrition in June 2012, 10 months ago. Didn’t eat a lot due to not being hungry and pain on eating from gallbladder. Food intolerances developed after this point in time. Confusing sentance: “She then went on to tolerate it she has very little upper body strength and is being and I waited by her primary physician for this muscle weakness. Have never reported being able to tolerate ground beef as stated in note. bariatric surgeon asked about chili previously, due to a chili contest I had mentioned. Stated coworkers had to help me back to my desk from being ill from attempting to eat chili. At this appt. he asked if I had tried anything else other than ground beef. I said no, he suggested steak. Discussion not in office notes. Confusing sentance: “She does eat significant amount of headaches”. Was not interested in “long” discussion about plastic surgery, just needed a list of items as to what the specific medical problem I had that needed to be fixed to get it done. I could never ascertain from any discussion, medical office notes, what the pinpointed problem was and how to solve it. This included 2 specific requests that were never answered, one for bariatric surgeon and one for nurse, for an appt. to discuss what their opposition specifically was. Confusing sentance, last sentance is one paragraph. In addition, states “she had not even been one year from her bariatric surgery”, when the second sentance of this office note stated I was 16 months postop. Confusing sentance: “severe plastic surgery sometime in the next few months”. Follow up in notes is for four months, but after visit, bariatric surgeon told his nurse to make an appt. in 2-3 months.

4/18/13 note: List was given. Note that the first plastic surgeon recommended had a 1.9 million dollar verdict against him due to death of a patient.

Note that in all these, the only physical exam was done by the nurse on my abdomen. Another nurse also took my blood pressure at the first visit.


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