Risk Managers: Deny, Defend. Investigate. Pt1

This is what you want to know about “risk managers”:

they are there to protect the doctor, NOT YOU.
they will only answer to try and protect the doctors’ interest, NOT YOU.
if you get worse or ill, it will be YOUR FAULT, NOT THEIR’S.

These are my emails to various admin in the group. They know I’m getting worse and showing signs of malnutrition. Something not diagnosed, then it was, then it wasn’t, then everyone else can take care of it, when the doctors indicate they cant and need bariatric help. Help I can’t get in the area.

This can happen to you. Don’t let it. Educate yourself on just how much the surgeon is going to do AFTER the surgery, and make sure you are taken care of and in the drivers’ seat. Ask them for after care references of people who had problems and see how much care they truly give!

Mine stated that our relationship is long term, we follow you closely for the rest of their life but then in writing said 16 months after surgery, when I had known issues, had no further needs from the surgery.

They are now trying to intimidate and harrass me from telling others what goes on. Everything I do is 100% legal in my constitutional right to protest against a group, especially when the doctor appears to have made incorrect assessments as to my health and the ability to get care for the issues, and that no bariatric patient who had never been given an appt. for shorter than 3 months apart in the 16 months they were with them, should have been dumped.

Sent 6/21/13 to the risk manager, the main email that shows I was interested in health care, not in legal retaliation.

A question I have for you, that is really the main cause of all this.

I had another group doc long before the computer health record came up. He was great. I trusted him because if he made a mistake or there was a problem, we fixed it as a team. I trusted him more because I knew he put my health first, and that even to a minor issue or whatever, he had the self respect and decency and courage to be honest about it. I raved about him to everyone. People thought more of him not because he was perfect, but because of his character when he wasn’t.

When the bariatric surgeon misdiagnosed the gallbladder issue last year, I just wanted him to apologize and fix the problem. I didn’t think I would have to jump through hoops and go through all sorts of misery for it. The church I go to, we understand mistakes. We’re all human, it is our belief we’re all sinners. We expect, and understand, apologies and working to make things better. I know not all are like that, but we Christians are. Forgiveness is something we’re familiar with, and we believe Christ forgives us when we sin, make mistakes, and when we try to do better.

Yet when that couldn’t be done by the group docs, we’d get blamed for the error. I have no care now, and most of that stems from the fact I had someone who blamed me for the problem, who wouldn’t deal honestly with me on it, and then “shuffled” around a few other things. Rather than group simply saying ‘hey there’s an issue, lets address it, or maybe the original doc you wanted might be a better fit for you’, I’ve gotten nothing but comments I’m mental, my care is dumped, it gives me a history, and I’ve had to spend time trying to correct records that aren’t as accurate as they could be.

Is your group no longer in the business of hiring people who don’t have the respect, honesty and courage to recognize a mistake and just work with a patient to make it better, its just dump them, who cares, move on? If not all group docs are like Bariatric Surgeon, then maybe we patients are not all sue happy people either, you know? Trust is a two way street. Time and again, I’ve seen we’ll dump our care, leave you high and dry, because fixing mistakes, apologizing, working with us, isn’t something group is about – or the question that there’s one doctor or practice that maybe isn’t. As a person looks at a Christian and sees their mistakes, and judges all Christians by it, don’t you think that when my family, friends, coworkers, etc. see this, they judge group for it? As a Christian I represent Christ, and its hard for non Christians to separate my actions as me and not for all Christians. Don’t you think its hard for us patients to separate one doctors’ (and maybe a practice or administration, don’t know) actions from group?

I’ll tell you this, when bariatric surgeon in Jan 2012 said that They didn’t know the cause of something, its something we bragged on. Because at that point, I thought I had someone who was like my old group doc who did have some integrity, had some Christian values. My church agreed. Looking back now, I’d say we misjudged. Christ has told us that They will repay, They will judge, and I’ve asked people to pray more for my former doc than me.

The answer to this shouldn’t be one that takes forever to give, because I’m using this issue to find out what group stands for.


The items from several weeks to almost a month ago, in written communication, have not been addressed, in regards to putting items in my records. What is the problem, as by law, I do have the right and it is not restricted to time. Everything I’ve put in supports the other doctors who indicated that I had issues that were to be addressed by my bariatric surgeon. Everything supports that a mistake was made in dismissing me from bariatric care, that no clear evidence can be shown that the alledged HIPAA violation wasn’t the reason or part of the reason for dropping me, when others have been able to switch doctors without a problem.

If I wasn’t correct, then you wouldn’t have put a security guard to photograph me & watch me, while I have never done anything against the law & am 100% legal in being on public property to state my experience with this one doctor, and that you are trying to stop my constitutional right to speak and give evidence about my condition and treatment. If I wasn’t correct, you wouldn’t have made the changes I spoke about: actions & items that would help patients.

I have made it clear that I had no interest in money or in lawyers, but in getting appropriate health care. Care that the bariatric surgeon, by his statements, was incorrect in saying I didn’t need, or that my doctors have indicated I couldn’t use. Since you believe so much in how correct your medical and “environment” assessments are, why is it you need security guards & your bariatric groups’ offices photographing & making notes of me asserting my constitutional right to disagree with your words & actions & records, in a respectful and lawful manner?

All because I don’t want to see someone else hounded and suffer for saying they are a human being who is worthy of respect and to assert their rights under the law and published policies.


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