Specialties making a doctor rich

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“5. Weight Management

Everyone wants to get thinner. The demand is certainly there. And when it comes to helping people lose weight, doctors have a definite advantage over personal trainers, dieticians, and other professions.

First, only doctors can prescribe drugs. Phentermine. Topiramate. Qsymia (combo of the previous two). This is very, very attractive to a population that wants the cure-in-a-pill.

Second, doctors are still highly respected for their knowledge. People trust a doctor more than any other profession.

During my third year of medical school, I rotated with a doctor who only deals with weight management visits. What he did was so easy, I could have done it as a medical student. And yet, he had a full roster of patients.

Not only does he get to charge for the office visit, he gets to upsell. This means he gets to sell products related to weight loss to an already captive audience (his patients). He sold protein shakes, protein bars, meal-in-a-can, etc. There are a million things you can upsell. “


What does this say about where they’re coming from? Watch out for YOU!