Cops called on me for being on public property

I’ve not posted in a while. I’ll relay an interesting happening during that time in addition to this.

Any way, I have had the cops called on me by the bariatric surgeons’ office for being on public property, not yelling/profanity, flipping people off, or directing traffic or blocking traffic or anything else at the former bariatric surgeons’ office. The cops have come out every time and said nothing wrong with her. Here is actually part of what was stated in a FOIA’ed police report: “female is not doing anything wrong, not breaking any laws”. In addition, the cops actually monitored the situation for a while and said they saw nothing “concerning” etc.

I have some of my medical records and tell people to ask questions and take a look. The records, especially compared to others and the medical research, tell a different story. One that would help patients to know about complications, who may want a different style of physician. One who may look for all sorts of physical issues before they say you have mental issues. One who knows about complications and will treat them and has the ability to do so. One that takes responsibility.

Find that surgeon. I didn’t. I want YOU to have more education to make those choices for yourself. As I mention elsewhere, these things have a 40-45% profit margin. I make no profit off here but I do enjoy knowing that people have more education in terms of what they’re going to get.