State Medical Boards: are they really for the patient?

*** Note that in Virginia, a doctor can “plea bargain” something from the Medical Licensing Board. There is a doc in Va. named as a “top doc” in the DC area that is on the brink of their license. Nothing in the public record for 3 years. Someone mentioned in another list that they should rename boards to something like a Protective Agency. In Florida, the doctor can see your complaint but you can’t see the doctors’ response. So if they lie, the lies are *protected by the state* as the *physician*. It is the same in Va. where you can’t comment on anything. They also don’t consider anything other than their own reports, nor how or where they get specialists to review other specialists, and whether there are conflicts of interest.
Boards of licensing are not transcribed/recorded. The doctors know this. Wonder why they get told that? They’re not sworn to tell the truth either.